Novice group

9yrs – 16yrs

Our novice group is the starting point for all keen and aspiring performers, learning the ropes and mastering captivating acts. With each step, they gain not only the technical expertise required for the spotlight but also the self-assuredness to grace our stage with confidence alongside our performers.

Through comprehensive training and immersive mentorship, our novice group blossoms into true entertainers, ready to shine in our mesmerising performances.

Novice Group Timetable:

Tuesday nights 5pm – 7pm
Thursday nights 5pm – 7pm


10yrs – 18yrs

Our exceptional performers at Wookey Hole Circus School are the embodiment of creativity, dedication, and sheer passion for the stage.

These extraordinary individuals, hone their talents and master a wide spectrum of skills that range from the mesmerising art of stagecraft to the intricacies of presentation. They not only captivate audiences with their breathtaking performances, but they also delve into the behind-the-scenes magic that makes every show a seamless spectacle.

From learning the nuances of stage presence to delving into the technical aspects of rigging, our performers are true artisans in their own right. Their dedication extends beyond the spotlight, as they cultivate expertise in stage make-up and other essential elements of the entertainment world.

Performers Timetable:

Tuesday nights 5pm – 8pm
Thursday nights 5pm – 8pm

Centre of excellence

Selected Performers

Our Centre of Excellence provides selected individuals with an exclusive opportunity to focus on their chosen skill. Through personalised, one-on-one instruction, they delve deep into their craft, honing their talents to perfection.

As these remarkable individuals refine their expertise, they not only enrich our captivating shows with their unparalleled abilities but also lay the groundwork for their own futures. The skills taught here become their arsenal for both performances and promising careers beyond our stage.


Wednesday nights 5pm – 8pm


If you are interested in any of our Academy classes, please do get in contact via our contact page.